Blue Sky Momma
Deej's debut album is about discovering yourself and celebrating who you have become. We collaborated to create social media content and album cover art. Then, I animated illustrations for the Spotify Canvases and made the promotion around the release show.
"Working with Sydney has been as if someone else out there has the same visions as me. To sit and use describing words and imagery to get us to that place of understanding the vibe is special and has made every shoot feel so intentional. 
Sydney gets creative unlike anyone I’ve seen, she uses the world around her and the tools from her environment to create beautiful, momentous shots. Our use of cellophane together has opened my eyes to the possibilities of light and color! This music video was sort of a last-minute thing. (although it had always been a want.) 
For Sydney to jump on board and help me create something magical is something I’ll always be grateful for. She’s always a reliable source of kindness and information and has taught me so much about film and photography. This knowledge will be carried into every visual for every song! Know that if Sydney took it, it’s exactly what the artist saw in their head. because that’s been my experience with her and I’ve never had so much fun! Thank you for your hard work, you’re an absolute JOY!"
Eerie Songs for the Soul
Spooky, witchy, but mostly eerie. I was given the opportunity to capture promotional content and cover for Deej's Halloween-themed EP Eerie Songs for the Soul. The custom type was created in Photoshop, and Deej cut and colored the video.
Deej's summertime single depicts the inner thoughts of a ladybug, lightinging bug, and dragonfly. Capturing the essence of each bug, I had the opportunity to shoot the music video and create the cover.
Timelines Album Art and Promotional images

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